During my childhood, my post Holiday meal activity included a brisk walk with a family member. We would  often talk (or argue) politics and/or religion.  As of late, those post meal walks are now necessitated by dog ownership.  Sadly, the dogs do not carry as good a conversation.

The Holiday Season is upon us. Family gatherings and big sit down meals are part of the package. Please remember to make a brisk walk become a Holiday tradition in your household. Those post meal walks carry more benefit than I understood – until I stumbled upon this great read. My gift to you this season is to share this article and remind you of the importance of a good walk.

The Walking Advantage

It Lowers the Rate of Weight Gain

Here’s proof that slow and steady trumps fast, furious, and inconsistent. A 2013 Australian study tracked the weight of 822 subjects and found that, over the course of four years, the average person gained 3.5 pounds. But the participants didn’t pack on the pounds equally. Those who walked to work gained, on average, two pounds less than did people who took their cars, even when the car commuters were physically active at other times of the day.

It Staves Off Dips in Energy

Big meals can wreak havoc on blood-sugar levels and leave you feeling sluggish, but not if you time your walks appropriately. A 2013 study published in Diabetes Care found that three 15-minute post-meal walks each day were more effective at regulating blood-sugar levels than was a single 45-minute walk mid-morning or in the afternoon.

It Lifts Your Spirits

“Just 10 minutes of walking at the pace you would use if you were late for an appointment—but obviously without that stress of being late—can boost your mood for two hours,” says Robert Thayer, Ph.D., the author of Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood With Food and Exercise.

Craig Amnott

Craig Amnott

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Dr. Craig Amnott earned his medical degree at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board certified in Family Medicine. Doctor Amnott is licensed to practice both medicine and medical acupuncture in the state of New York.

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